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Hitler's V1 and V2 weapons Fall Near Well Hill


A significant event in World War 2 near to Well Hill occurred on the 21 July 1944. Defences had been improved to meet the rocket threat. Anti-aircraft gunnery became better organised and obstacles such as metal cables and balloons were aligned along the North Downs to help reduce the impact of bombardment on densely populated areas. This system of cables was successful in bringing down a V1 at Lilly's Wood, Chelsfield at 2.30pm. Balloons were also sited at The Highway and in fields at the end of the 'Tree' roads to the south of Worlds End Lane, Green Street Green.


On the 15th February 1945 a V2 fell on Well Hill, close to the current position of the M25. The bomb left a crater 35 feet by 8 feet and the blast damaged over 20 houses.


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