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Elected Representatives

This page lists elected representatives for

The list of WHRA committee members is found on the committee page.

The Well Hill Residents' Association's territory lies within several constituencies. At the parliamentary level most of the area is in the Sevenoaks constituency but some is in the Orpington constituency.

At the local government level there is the Greater London Authority (GLA) within which is the London Borough of Bromley (LBB) and Kent County Council (KCC) within which is Sevenoaks District Council (SDC). Only in the SDC area are there Parish Councils, the most local of all government bodies. The table below shows where the government areas are:

Area Parliamentary Constituency County Council Constituency District/Borough Council Constituency Parish Council
Jubilee Road and Hawstead Lane Orpington Bexley and Bromley (GLA) Chelsfield and Goddington (London Borough of Bromley) none
Gorse Road and Skket Hill Lane St Mary Cray (London Borough of Bromley)
Park Gates area and Daltons Road Sevenoaks Darent Valley (KCC) Crockenhill (SDC) Crockenhill
Well Hill Village and Cockerhurst Sevenoaks North (KCC) Shoreham (SDC) Shoreham

Interesting local fact : Jack Cade's rebels, protesting against corrupt government and officials, won a famous battle at Sevenoaks over the royal army of Henry VI.

Parish Council

The result of the Shoreham Parish Council Election on the 6th May 1999 was:

Badgers Mount Ward (3 Members)
WIGHTWICK Walter James Uncontested - ELECTED
Shoreham Ward (7 Members)
BOOKER Barbara Joan 335 - ELECTED
CROYDON Richard Hunt 286 - ELECTED
TERRY Paul Nigel 277 - ELECTED
CHARTERS Robert William 269 - ELECTED
LOTHIAN Joan Gwendoline 266 - ELECTED
INNISS Richard Julian 251 - ELECTED
DAVIS Roland Arhtur 208 - ELECTED
DAY-WINTER Jennifer Ann 200
46.12% turnout

Pauline BANKS and Leonard COTTLE were co-opted on the 2nd June-1999.

Richard Julian INNISS resigned in March 2000.

The result of the Shoreham Parish Council By Election on the 1st June 2000 was:

Shoreham Ward
HOBSON Philip Neil 59
MCDONNELL Michael Randal 70
NASH Sheila Kathrine 102 - ELECTED
PAYNE Joan 66
27.43% turnout

Richard Hunt CROYDON and Robert William CHARTERS resigned in September 2000.

The result of the Shoreham Parish Council By Election on the 7th December was:

Shoreham Ward
HOBSON Philip Neil 179 - ELECTED
INNISS Mary Elizabeth Lucy 122 - ELECTED
LYONS Sylvia Doris 61
21.15% turnout

Walter James WIGHTWICK resigned in June 2001.

Trevor SIMMONS was co-opted on the 5th September 2001.

Paul Nigel TERRY resigned in November 2001.

Nick WALKER was co-opted in March 2002.

See the Shoreham Parish Council web page for more information.

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District Council

The result of the District Council Election on the 6th May 1999 was:

BOVINGTON John Bernard Liberal Democrat 292
INNISS Mary Elizabeth Lucy Conservative 211
46.31% turnout Liberal Democrat hold
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County Council

The result of the Kent County Council Election on the 7th June 2001 was:

NORMAN Ronnie Scott Conservative 3,702 51.57%
BOVINGTON John Bernard Liberal Democrat 1,991 27.68%
WEEKS James Donald Labour 1,499 20.84%
65.4% turnout Conservative hold
BRAZIER David Lionel Conservative 2,573 39.97%
GEE Audrey Naomi Liberal Democrat 1,976 30.70%
HARROD Bryan John Labour 1,888 29.33%
63.2% turnout Conservative hold
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Member of Parliament

The result of the General Election on the 7th June 2001 was:

FALLON Michael Cathel Conservative 21,052 49.4%
HUMPHREYS Caroline Labour 10,898 25.6%
GRAY Clive John Liberal Democrat 9,214 21.6%
HAWKINS Lisa UK Independence Party 1,155 2.7%
ELLIS Mark Calder UK Pathfinders 295 0.7%
63.9% turnout Conservative hold; Con majority 10,154
Swing from Liberal Democrat to Conservative of 4%
HORAM John Conservative Party 22,334 43.9%
MAINES Christopher Stewart Liberal Democrat 22,065 43.3%
PURNEL Christopher Arthur Labour Party 5,517 10.8%
YOULES John Brian UK Independence Party 996 2.0%
64.6% turnout Conservative hold; Con majority 269
Swing from Labour to Conservative of 3%

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