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Elected Representatives

This page lists elected representatives for:

The list of WHRA committee members is found on the committee page.

The Well Hill Residents' Association's territory lies within several constituencies. At the parliamentary level most of the area is in the Sevenoaks constituency but some is in the Orpington constituency.

At the local government level there is the Greater London Authority (GLA) within which is the London Borough of Bromley (LBB) and Kent County Council (KCC) within which is Sevenoaks District Council (SDC). Only in the SDC area are there Parish Councils, the most local of all government bodies.

The table below shows where the government areas are:

Area Parliamentary Constituency County Council Constituency District/Borough Council Constituency Parish Council
Jubilee Road, Hawstead Lane and Skeet Hill Lane Orpington Bexley and Bromley (GLA) Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom (London Borough of Bromley) none
Gorse Road Cray Valley East (London Borough of Bromley)
Park Gate area and Daltons Road Sevenoaks Darent Valley (KCC) Crockenhill and Well Hill (SDC) Crockenhill
Well Hill Village and Cockerhurst Shoreham

Interesting local fact : Jack Cade's rebels, protesting against corrupt government and officials, won a famous battle at Sevenoaks over the royal army of Henry VI.

Parish Council

The result of the Shoreham Parish Council Election on the 6th May 2003 was:

Badgers Mount Ward (3 Members)
Clarke Gordon Uncontested - ELECTED
Shoreham Ward (6 Members)
Croydon Richard Hunt Uncontested - ELECTED
Hutchins David Dee Uncontested - ELECTED
Inniss Mary Elizabeth Lucy Uncontested - ELECTED
Keates John Rees Willoughby Uncontested - ELECTED
Smith Geraldine (Ann) Uncontested - ELECTED
Well Hil Hundreds Ward (1 Member)
HOBSON Philip Neil Uncontested - ELECTED

Vivian Clarke and John Ralston were co-opted in May 2003 for the Badgers Mount Ward.

Trevor Carman was co-opted in May 2003 for the Shoreham Ward.

Vivian Clarke resigned March 2004.

David Southwood was co-opted in January 2005 for the Badgers Mount Ward.

David Southwood resigned in July 2005.

Joan Neave was elected in October 2005 for the Badgers Mount Ward.

See the Shoreham Parish Council web page for more information.

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District Council

London Borough of Bromley

The result of the London Borough of Bromley Council Election on the 4th May 2006 was:

Cray Valley East
Ali Jengiz The Conservative Party Candidate 1102
Crawford Damian John The Conservative Party Candidate 1297
Curry Martin Alan Liberal Democrat 1542 ELECTED
Flack James Ian The Labour Party Candidate 491
Hayes Gary David The Labour Party Candidate 498
Ince John Richard The Conservative Party Candidate 1252
McBride David Liberal Democrat 1595 ELECTED
Thompson Brenda Denise Liberal Democrat 1522 ELECTED
Wright John Daniel The Labour Party Candidate 518
32.47% turnout
Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom
Borrowman Duncan Keith Liberal Democrat 2003
Collins Gillian Anne The Labour Party Candidate 274
Evans Robert John The Conservative Party Candidate 2990 ELECTED
Garrett Ann Christine Green Party 480
Goodlad (known as Grace) Elizabeth Grace Liberal Democrat 1951
Grainger Julian Patrick Greville The Conservative Party Candidate 3008 ELECTED
Hall Michael James Liberal Democrat 1856
Huntington-Thresher Samaris Victoria Cosette The Conservative Party Candidate 2884 ELECTED
Purnell Christopher Arthur The Labour Party Candidate 242
Waterworth John The Labour Party Candidate 242
48.98% turnout

Sevenoaks District Council

The result of the District Council Election on the 1st May 2003 was:

Crockenhill and Well Hill
Denney Ronald Colin Conservative 77
Dibsdall Colin Liberal Democrat 417 - ELECTED
Waller Anthony Leonard UK Independence Party 30
45.7% turnout Liberal Democrat hold
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County Council

The result of the Kent County Council Election on the 5th May 2005 was:

GOUGH Roger William Conservative 3,504 - ELECTED 43.51%
HALFORD James UKIP 419 5.20%
HOGG Michael James Labour 1,839 22.83%
McGARVEY Philip Roy Liberal Democrat 2,292 28.46%
67.8% turnout Conservative hold
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Member of Parliament

The result of the General Election on the 5th May 2005 was:

FALLON Michael Cathel Conservative 22,437 51.8%
ABBOTTS Benjamin Peter Liberal Democrat 9,467 21.9%
STANLEY Timothy Randolph Labour 9,101 21.0%
DOBSON Robert Charles UK Independence Party 1,309 3.0%
MARSHALL John Francis English Democrats 751 1.7%
ELLIS Mark Calder UK Pathfinders 233 0.5%
66.5% turnout Conservative hold; Con majority 12,970
Swing from Liberal Democrat to Conservative of 1.1%
HORAM John Conservative Party 26,718 48.8%
MAINES Christopher Stewart Liberal Democrat 21,771 39.8%
BIRD Emily Labour Party 4,914 9.0%
GREENWOOD Mick UK Independence Party 1,331 2.4%
69.9% turnout Conservative hold; Con majority 4,947
Swing from Liberal Democrat to Conservative of 4.2%

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