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Broadband in Well Hill

Current Situation (February 2005)

  • Broadband DOES work in Well Hill
  • 576 kb broadband works in most parts of Well Hill and some parts of Park Gate
  • there is a widespread fault than can make the broadband fail during hours of darkness
  • the fault is only on lines connected to the Knockholt exchange (01959 53****)
  • we have no knowledge of good service or faults on the Otford (01959 52****), Orpington (01689) or Swanley (01322) exchanges

At present we are aware of broadband working in Well Hill, Well Hill Lane and Firmingers. During daylight hours the service does appear to be very reliable. For some users, however, the service fails just after sunset and does not reappear until sunrise.

To see the sunrise and sunset times at Well Hill try Computation of Daylengths, Sunrise/Sunset Times, Twilight and Local Noon - Well Hill sunrise/sunset is about 35 seconds earlier than London.

Regardless of the ISP being used for broadband, BT carry out all investigations and fix faults on the lines from the Knockholt exchange to the customers main telephone socket. It does not matter to BT which ISP is supplying the broadband service with regard to fault fixing. Their fault department treats all ISPs (including BT) the same. Therefore, if you have this problem ensure that your ISP (Broadband supplier) refers the problem to BT's S.F.I. BT is responsible to your ISP for the line from the exchange to your home.

If you are thinking about broadband, let us know so that we can keep you informed of progress with this fault. If you have a Broadband service that works 24 hours a day, please let me know so that we can see the extent of the problem.

Phil Hobson is working with the highest level of BT's fault department (S.F.I.) to resolve the night-time problem. BT believes the problem to be faulty electrical equipment that puts 'noise' into the electrical supply wires. This 'noise' is then transferred to the telephone wires where it stops the broadband signals getting through. In previous problems like this, BT have found the source of the electrical noise to be street lamps, TVs, computer scanners, security lights, electric motors and low voltage lights. Can you help finding the cause of the fault? The fault occurs seven days a week (including the bank holidays at Christmas and New Year). If you know of any equipment - lights, security lights, machinery, surveillance cameras - that only operate during the hours of darkness, please let us know so that it can be checked out.

If you have any information that will help, please fill in the form below. It will help is to know the areas of Park Gate, Well Hill and Maypole that do not have the problem (as well as areas that have problems).

Please fill this form and click the "submit" button
Contact Name : Required so that we can contact you if necessary See Data Protection below
Contact E-Mail : Required so that we can contact you if necessary See Data Protection below
House Name : Required so that we know exactly the distance from Knockholt exchange See Data Protection below
Post Code :    
Broadband Service : Not yet ordered a Broadband Service
Broadband does not work during daylight hours
Broadband only works during daylight hours
Broadband works 24 hours a day
Additional Information :    
Data Protection:
  • The information you have provided will only be used to improve the broadband service to the Well Hill area.
  • Any personal information will not be passed onto any third parties without your express permission
  • Any personal information will be permenantly deleted on request

Some Potential Supplies

This list is provided based on information received. It does NOT imply that they are recommended suppliers. We have no information about the quality of service or value for money of any of these providers. You must use your own judgement before entering into a contract with these suppliers.

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See also the press release from BT on the 18th August 2004


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