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Fly Tipping

Councils do not regularly inspect our area for rubbish. They rely on residents to inform them of problems. If we don't report the problem, they will assume we don't care if it's left alone. Both the London Brorough of Bromley (LBB) and Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) seem to be able to remove rubbish within a couple of days of the problem being reported.

Please note that dumped rubbish can only be removed from public land and not from private property.

If it is in the SDC area (Cockerhurst, Park Gates and Well Hill) send an e-mail to
and include details of the Road Name, nearest house (if any) and a description of the rubbish.

If it is in the LBB area, go to their web site and fill in the form.


Last Updated: 23 January, 2016
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