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Well Hill Residents' Association Newsletter - Winter 2000


On Thursday, December 7th there is an election for the Shoreham Parish Council. It is in the best interests of Well Hill and Cockerhurst for Phil Hobson to be elected. Phil came close to being elected in June. Had more voters been able to make the journey from Well Hill we could have won. If you have problems getting to Shoreham on Thursday to vote phone 533551 for a lift to the polling station. Write this number on your polling card so that you don't lose it.

There is much the Parish Council could do for the whole of our Parish but its domination by members from Shoreham Village results in Shoreham Village matters predominating often to the total exclusion of other areas of the Parish such as Well Hill and Cockerhurst.

On Thursday you will have 2 votes. Use one for Phil Hobson. Bear in mind that you do not have to use your second vote. Using it to vote for one of the other candidates is essentially a vote against Phil. If you wish to exercise your right to 2 votes, the WHRA committee believes that Well Hill's interests will be better served if that vote is cast for Mary Inniss. At the end of the day it is your choice - you must cast your vote in your own best interest. Please take a few minutes on Thursday to do just that.

Note that Parkgate residents will have recently voted in the Crockenhill Parish Election and cannot vote in the Shoreham Parish Election. Likewise, residents in the London Borough of Bromley cannot vote in this election.

There is no better choice


I don't suppose that it has escaped your notice that Shoreham Parish Council is to have a by-election on 7th December.

Well Hill has a candidate in that election, so the real purpose of this letter is to urge you with all the power I can muster to GO AND VOTE!

We have a candidate who works with all his fervour for the Hill on the Residents Association and is prepared to do likewise on the Parish Council.

But he won't get there - and we will not be represented on that council - unless YOU VOTE!


Brian Marley

WHRA Committee

Chairperson & Planning Secretary:
Mrs Chris Gregory (01959 534093)

Phil Hobson (01959 534090)

Minutes Secretary:
Gerry Costa (01959 533202)

Neighbourhood Watch:
Mrs. J. Dean (01959 534445)

Mike Peek (01959 533339)


7th December
Carol singing
From 5:30pm onwards St Martins le Tours, Chelsfield are organising Carol Singing at Charing Cross Station. All are welcome.

18th December
Carols at the Kent Hounds
Festive celebrations in the local commence at 8 p.m.

20th December
Well Hill Carol Service
Commencing at 7:45pm at the Well Hill Mission Church, a traditional carol service followed by tea, coffee and mince pies.

Santa's visit and the Panto
It is with regret that we have to cancel two of our usual Christmas events. Santa's visit to the hill on Sunday 17th December has been cancelled due to the condition of the sleigh. The pantomine trip which was to have been organised by Chelsfield Village Society is also cancelled. We have tried to find a suitable theatre at a reasonable price but have been unsuccessful.

Christmas cards with a view of the well Hill Mission church are available from the Kent Hounds.

Bus Service

A bus service to Well Hill may be possible. Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) seem keen to help us trial a bus service. It would be a bus-taxi. This is a taxi company that SDC pay to operate a people mover. It has no fixed bus stops so can easily drop you at your front door. If you are interested in this service contact Phil (01959 533551). He needs to know the days and times you prefer to travel and where you want to go to (eg Swanley, Sevenoaks). If we get the service it will be a 'use it or lose it' trial. The trial would last 3 months and if there is sufficient support it would be continued, otherwise we would lose the service.

This information was circulated in our previous newsletter, but so far no-one has responded. Does this mean there is no interest? If there is no response by the end of January we will not pursue this facility any further.

A VERY WARM WELCOME to Well Hill to Mr and Mrs Susuki and their 3 daughters at Tanglewood.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sam and Shelley Saunders on their recent wedding.


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