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Produce Show

Chelsfield, Well Hill and District Produce Show

Saturday 1st September 2012

Chelsfield Village Hall

Set up

Competitors can set up from 9:30am to 11am. Entries will not be accepted after 1l.00 a.m.


Judging starts at 11.30am. This is not open to the public or competitors.

Public Viewing

The public are welcome to view the exhibits from 2pm. Exhibits that have won awards and prizes will be clearly marked.

Prize Giving

Prize giving starts at 3pm.


Download the schedule (31kB) , recipes (25kB) , rules, Cups and Trophies (151kB).

Schedule of Classes

PRODUCE SHOW- Saturday 1st September, 2012

Flower arrangements

1. An arrangement representing the Olympics, not to exceed 14". Accessories allowed.
2. An arrangement of wild flowers, fruit and foliage, not to exceed 14".
3.† An arrangement in a basket, not to exceed 9".
4. Men only: An arrangement in a tankard, foliage only.


5. 3 Dahlia blooms.
6. A cactus or succulent pot plant.
7. In a single vase the three stages of a rose bloom - the bud, the perfect bloom and a blown bloom.
8. 6 Fuchsia blooms on a sheet of A4 paper
9.† A floating pansy head.
10. A vase of flowers from the open border.


11. A tray of 3 kinds of vegetables - no more than 3 of each kind.
12.×2 A salad collection - any 3 of the following: 1 lettuce, 1 cucumber,
          6 radishes, 6 Spring onions, 1 capsicum, 3 tomatoes - in a seed tray.
13. 5 Potatoes - one cultivar.
14. 3 Onions - tied & trimmed.
15. 5 medium to large tomatoes.
16. 5 carrots, untrimmed.
17. 7 Pods of runner beans.
18. 3 Courgettes.
19. 3 Beetroot, one variety, untrimmed.
20. 9 Pods of peas.
21.† The ugliest vegetable.
22. A bucket of home produced compost.


23. 3 Dessert Apples - polished.
24. 3 Cooking Apples - unpolished.
25. 3 Pears.
26. A bowl of 3 types of fruit.
27. The longest stick of rhubarb.
28. A dish of wild fruit and nuts.


29. A bottle of dry white table wine.
30. A bottle of sweet white table wine.
31. A bottle of dry red table wine.
32. A bottle of sweet red table wine.
33. A bottle of any other fruit wine.
34. A bottle of home made beer.

Country Fare

35. 3 Chelsea buns.
36. 6 Meringue shells.
37. 5 Cheese scones.
38. Themed cake - The Diamond Jubilee - decoration only to be judged.
39.×2 Canterbury Tart - to given recipe.  (see recipes (25kB))
40. 3 Individual custard tarts.
41. 5 Sausage rolls using homemade puff or flaky pastry.
42. 1 Jar of homemade mincemeat.
43. 1 Jar of sweet pickled onions.
44.† Men only and children: 5 Crunch biscuits - recipe supplied.  (see recipes (25kB))

Photographs - All to be unmounted max size 8¼" x 6"

45. Clouds.
46. Moonlight.
47. Windows.
48.† Family fun.


49. A Knitted or Crocheted item
50. An item or tapestry or embroidery (specify if using kit.)
51. An item machine or hand sewn
52. A watercolor of a country garden.
53.† A bookmark - any medium.
54.† Any craft or hobby (specify if using a kit).
55.† A decorated plat pot - any medium - maximum pot diameter 4".
56.† A still life - any medium.
57.† Knit a jumper for a rescued battery hen - pattern provided.


58.† A matchbox (standard size) filled with real listed items starting with the letter O for Olympics.


Classes marked ×2 earn double points.

Classes marked with † can be entered by adults or children. The children's entries will be judged separately in 4 age groups: under 5, 5-7, 8-11 and 12-18.

Additional schedules and enquiries
Catherine Gandolfi 01689 831826
Chris Courtney 01959 535022

Last year's schedule


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