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Road Signs

The Well Hill Residents' Association are compiling a list of all road signs in the Well Hill area. Once this list is complete, residents will be asked to nominate signs as being unnecessary. This list will be sent to the relevant Highways Authority and they will be requested to remove all unnecessary road signs.

To help us compile this list, please check the list below and if you know of a sign that is not on the list, please add it using the form at the bottom of the list.

Thank you.

Pump LaneOpposite SideSpring CottageRoad NamePump Lane 14
Pump LaneOpposite SideSpring CottageInformation Bluedunno 15
Rock HillOpposite SideFolkwaysDirection WhiteLullingstone Golf Course 1
Rock HillSame SideGladstone CottageDirection WhiteChelsfield 8
Rock HillSame SideGladstone CottageDirection WhiteEynsford 9
Rock HillSame SideGladstone CottageRoad NameRock Hill 10
Rock HillOpposite SideRock and Fountain PubVillage/Hamlet NameWell Hill in the Kent Downs AONB 32
Rock HillOpposite SideRock CottageVillage/Hamlet NameWell Hill 13
Rock HillSame SideShirelandsWarning TriangleSteep Hill Downwards 5
Rock HillOpposite SideShirelandsDirection WhiteChelsfield, Eynsford, Crockenhill etcFinger post in three directions, but sadly in 2007 it was down to a single finger7
Rock HillSame SideWestacreWarning TriangleSteep Hill Downwards 6
Rock HillOpposite SideWoodyholme/Highbeech FarmDirection WhiteShoreham, Eynsford, Chelsfield, CrockenhillThree directions post at junction with Firmingers17
Well HillSame SideBeechesInformation BlueNarrow Road with passing places 11
Well HillOpposite SideBeechesInformation BlueNarrow Road with passing places 12
Well HillOpposite SideGreenhill FarmVillage/Hamlet NameWell Hill 16
Well Hill LaneSame SideHillbrowWarning TriangleChildren 2
Well Hill LaneSame SideHillbrowRoad NameWell Hill Lane 3
Well Hill LaneSame SideWestacreRoad NameWell Hill Lane and no through road 4
Please complete this form to notify us of road signs in the area.
Road Sign Location

Road in which sign is located

This is the actual road the sign is in. A sign may be at a junction but it will always be in a single road.
Name of nearest dwelling  
Is sign on same side of highway as the dwelling? Sign and dwelling on same side of highway
Sign and dwelling on opposite sides of highway
Type of sign

Examples of:

Words or Symbols on the sign


  • Give Way
  • Lullingstone Golf Course
  • Steep Hill down
  • Crossroads
  • Low Bridge
Any other comments




Last Updated: 23 January, 2016
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