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Trafalgar Quiz

  1. How many ships did Nelson have under his command at the start of manoeuvres at the battle of Trafalgar?
  2. Approximately how many ships of later years carried the same names of some of Nelsons ships of the line?
  3. What nationalities were Nelsons adversaries?
  4. Who was the Captain of HMS Victory?
  5. Before Trafalgar how long had there been peace in England?
  6. What caused Napoleon to plan an invasion against England?
  7. Where did the French fleet make port after leaving Europe and where did they sail from?
  8. In what year was the conflict fought?
  9. How many ships did the French Admiral have at his command?
  10. Where were the French squadrons of ships based?
  11. What was the French Admirals name?
  12. Given political correctness of today in 2005, what names were given to the French and English forces in this year's re-enactment in the Solent?
  13. Who did Nelson join prior to the main battle at Cadiz and what tactic did he the carry out?
  14. What was the name of Nelsons wife?
  15. Where was Nelson shot in his body?
  16. Where did Emma Hamilton die and in what year?
  17. What pension did Emma Hamilton and Nelson's daughter get after his death?
  18. What were Nelsons last words?
  19. What time of day did Lord Horatio Nelson die?
  20. What was Nelsons daughter's name?
  21. What was the name of the English ship that saw and then signalled to Nelson that the French fleet leaving Cadiz?
  22. What date did the battle of Trafalgar take place?
  23. Who was Nelsons secretary on board HMS Victory?
  24. Who was in charge of the Marines on board HMS Victory?
  25. What was a smasher that the Bosun was in charge of?

Quiz answers will be available here on Saturday 22nd October 2005.

To see what is happening during the Trafalgar Weekend (21st-23rd October) visit our Trafalgar Weekend page.


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