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WAP version of this page showing just the radar picure Well Hill Rainfall Radar

The image below shows the latest available radar image of rainfall in the South East of England. The white circles are centred on Well Hill and are about 15 miles (25 kilometres) apart. When there is rainfall detected by the radar, small squares of different colours will appear on the image. Each square represents a 5x5 kilometre area (about 3x3 miles). Even though rainfall is shown in a square, it is still possible for Well Hill to be dry as many showers and thunderstorms are very localised and it is possible to be within 1 kilometre of a downpour but still be in a dry area!

Well Hill rainfall radar rainfall radar key

Please be patient as sometimes it takes 30 seconds to retrieve the latest rainfall radar data.

For recent radar images see the Met Office web site. This has about 6 hours of historical data.


Last Updated: 21 April, 2011
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