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These are provisional results and may contain errors as we have not yet validated the information.
These results are copyright © Well Hill Residents' Association and may not be disclosed to third parties without written consent of the Well Hill Residents' Association Committee. If these results are transmitted to a third party or included in any publication there MUST be an acknowledgement that they originate from the Well Hill Residents' Association. Where possible, we have included comparable results from the 2001 Census, the 1988 Shoreham Parish Appraisal and other sources.

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Results from Question 02

Please enter the number of people in your household in each age group

100% of returned questionnaires has been used in compiling these results.

Age group - Both Male and Female
0-45-1011-1516-1718-2425-4445-5960-6465-7475-8485 and over
5.0% 3.0% 3.0% 3.0% 5.0%14.0%41.0%12.0% 6.0% 6.0% 2.0%

Age group - Male Only
0-45-1011-1518-2425-4445-5960-6465-7475-8485 and over
6.4% 2.1% 2.1% 6.4%12.8%42.6%12.8% 6.4% 6.4% 2.1%

Age group - Female Only
0-45-1011-1516-1718-2425-4445-5960-6465-7475-8485 and over
3.8% 3.8% 3.8% 5.7% 3.8%15.1%39.6%11.3% 5.7% 5.7% 1.9%


From 2001 Census

Age Structure from 2001 Census
0-45-1011-1516-1718-2425-4445-5960-6465-7475-8485 and over

Sex from 2001 Census

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Response Rate

IssuedReturned% ReturnedArea
24   9  37%  Crockenhill Parish Council
14   1  7%  London Borough of Bromley
98   34  34%  Shoreham Parish Council
136   44  32%  All Areas

Select the question for which you wish to see the results.

How many people including children normally live in your household?
Please enter the number of people in your household in each age group
How many roadworthy vehicles are kept by your household?
What type of access does the household have to the Internet?
What type of accommodation do you live in?
How many children do you send to the following Primary schools?
Are you male or female (11 years and older)?
What age group do you belong to?
How many years have you lived in Cockerhurst, Park Gate or Well Hill?
Where is your main place of work, school or college?
How often do you use the following?
How Much does each of these facilities contribute to your quality of life?
How satisfied are you with the following local services?
Should Well Hill have street lights?
If you had a choice, which fuel would you like to use to heat your home?
How concerned are you about crime within the Well Hill area?
Within the Well Hill Area have you, in the last 5 years been the victim of ...
If you answered Yes, how satisfied were you with the apprehending of the criminal
If you reported a crime in the Well Hill Area in the last 5 years how satisfied were you with the police response
Do you think any of the following measures would improve security within your community?
Would your best interests be served by existing PC, other PC or new Well Hill Parish Council?
Should part of Shoreham's recreation ground be converted to a football pitch?
Are local social and leisure interests sufficiently catered for in the area?
What new social and leisure facilities would you like to see in Well Hill
How satisfied are you with the maintenance of the following parts of the parish?
Do you think there is sufficient provision for the following?
In your part of the parish, how affected are you by the following
How often do you use these methods of transport?
How do you rate the train service?
What type of accommodation do you think the Well Hill area needs
Are you satisfied with the way planning matters are handled?
Should the triangle between Well Hill and Rock Hill be made one-way?

The following list of questions was requested from residents. If you have a question you would like answered from the data collected by the questionnaire, contact a committee member.

What is the correlation between number of years in Well Hill and whether or not Well Hill Should have street lights?


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